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Approved workshop

Our engineers are experienced, trained and work to the strict standards set by The Approved Workshop Scheme of which Kustom Sport is a member.

Our engineers have to pass a rigorous inspection each year – carried out by an independent inspector – in order to be part of The Approved Workshop Scheme and then adhere to strict standards.

This gives customers peace of mind that the habitation check is being carried out the highest standards.

You can verify our membership via the scheme’s website here:

The Approved Workshop Scheme is a collaboration by the National Caravan Council, The Caravan and Motorhome Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club.

Why Use Kustom Sport?

  • We have a purpose-built service bay so we can carry out a habitation check on your motorhome or campervan all year round regardless of the weather condition
  • We send out yearly service reminders to ensure you don’t forget – so you don’t run the risk of losing your warranty!
  • We also have access to any parts that your vehicle may need

What is included in a habitation check for your motorhome or campervan?

It involves checking about 50 different aspects of your motorhome or campervan covering the electrical systems, gas systems, water systems, bodywork, ventilation, and fire and safety.

Please click here for further details: Habitation Check Checklist

Electrical systems

We check all internal lights to see if there are any faults.

We use a loop check to test electrical sockets. This sends a signal to the socket to verify that it is wired correctly.

We also check: the operation of your fridge, the consumer unit (fusebox), the TV socket, the battery and anything that requires electricity.

A residual current device (RCD) check involves making sure the RCD trips within a set time.

Furthermore, we check your miniature circuit breakers to ensure that they are correct for the appliances in your vehicle.


Gas systems

We use a manometer to check for leaks in the gas supply system.

We check all your gas appliances – such as the oven, the fridge, the heating system and the water heater – to ensure that they are working properly.

We check that all your vents are clear.

To carry out a carbon monoxide test, we turn on all gas appliances and a flue gas analyser for at least 10 minutes with all doors and windows closed.

We also check the carbon monoxide alarm if one is fitted.

Water systems

We check all taps individually for leaks and ensure there are no blockages in the waste-water outlet.

We inspect the toilet to ensure the valve seal is well lubricated and the battery-operated flush is working.

If an Alde Fluid Heating System is installed, we check if the antifreeze has been changed after the first two years since the manufacture of the vehicle to ensure your warranty remains valid.



Naturally, we check all doors, windows and blinds to ensure they operate appropriately.

We carry out a visual inspection of the whole bodywork and roof and make observations on our job sheets.

We carry out a damp check of your vehicle: a reading of 0-15% means there no concerns, but 15-20% requires further investigation and a recheck within three months.

If the reading is above 20%, immediate attention is required because this highlights an area of water ingress.

We provide a damp report as part of our service.



We open and close all roof lights to ensure that they operate properly.

We also check all fixed vents for any obstructions.


Fire and safety

We test the smoke alarm and CO detector and check to see they are not past their replacement date.

We check your fire extinguisher (if you have one) and that its expiry date.

Likewise, if you have a fire blanket in your motorhome or camper van, we’ll check that too to ensure it is housed securely.


What’s not included in your motorhome or camper van habitation check?

There are some things that are not included in a motorhome (or camper van) habitation check.

Typically, this includes:

  • In-depth servicing for individual appliances, such as the fridge;
  • A solar panel service;
  • An air-conditioning service.

Please ask us to clarify what’s included and what’s not included (and if we can provide what’s not included at an additional cost).


In summary

Due to the number of appliances that are not in most motorhomes and campervans, it is accepted to be important to ensure you get an annual habitation check for your motorhome or campervan. This habitation check will ensure that everything works properly and that your vehicle is safe to use on the road as well as being habitable.

Happy Motorhoming and Camper Vanning!

Contact us on 01226 203 347 or email [email protected] to book your a habitation check for your motorhome or campervan.

Alternatively, book online here.

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