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Powerpart 20A Caravan Power Unit/Transformer – PO120

Availability: 4 in stock

£ 179.99

Availability: 4 in stock

Powerpart 20A Caravan Power Unit – PO120


POWERPART 1 x 20 amp Power Unit/Transformer. 20 Amp Power supply to Convert 230V mains to supply the 12V Electrical System 13.8 volts d.c output. 230 volt input.

Dimensions: (W) 250mm x (D) 125mm x (H) 67mm

Fitted to: Bailey Unicorn, Bailey Pegasus, Bailey Orion, Bailey Pursuit, Coachman Amara, Coachman Vision, Coachman Pastiche (2016), Coachman VIP (2016), Coachman Laser (2016), Elddis Avante, Elddis Xplore, Elddis Buccaneer, Elddis Majestic, Elddis Autoquest, Elddis Crusader, Elddis Affinity, Elddis Compass, Elddis Corona, Elddis Omega, Elddis Rallye, Lunar Clubman, Lunar Delta, Lunar Quasar, Lunar Ariva, Lunar Lexon, Lunar Stellar, Lunar Venus

BCA PArt Number: PS276-1-BC

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