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21MM Regulator Clip On 28MBAR

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Availability: 7 in stock

21MM Regulator Clip On 28MBAR


21mm Clip On Regulator 28mbar. For use with CALOR 7kg & 15kg Butane Gas Bottles Operating Pressure = 28 mbar Outlet = 8mm Nozzle N.B

You may find an instructions leaflet stating not to be used in caravans. European standard EN12864 states that after 2004 all new caravans and motorhomes must be fitted with a 30mbar regulator.

The quick- on instructions reflect this standard. Therefore caravans/motorhomes built before 2004 may not have a 30mbar regulator and the appliances may not work at 30mbar, depending on the make of vehicle.

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