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260-piece Multi-purpose Wire Terminal Assortment Kit

Availability: 9 in stock

£ 9.99

Availability: 9 in stock

260-piece Multi-purpose Wire Terminal Assortment Kit


This multi-purpose wire terminal assortment kit has a wide variety of rings, connectors and bullets for safely connecting standard electrical wiring. The kit is suitable for all kinds of electrical wiring projects, including vehicle electricals such as cars, caravan & motorhomes, boat connections, DIY projects and household projects.

No soldering is required when using these connectors. Just place the copper wiring inside the connector and use a pair of pliers to tighten the connector around the wiring for a secure hold.

Each of the connectors have colour-coded plastic sleeve for electrical insulation, for added safety, and for preventing the wire from bending.

The kit is supplied in a clearly labelled, compartmentalised resealable plastic box.

Kit includes

  • 12-10ga Butt connector – 10Pce
  • 12-10ga Ring 5-6 – 15Pce
  • 12-10ga Ring 5-8 – 10Pce
  • 12-10ga Spade 5-5 – 15Pce
  • 16-14ga Butt connector – 15Pce
  • 16-14ga Bullet m. – 15Pce
  • 16-14ga Bullet f. – 15Pce
  • 16-14ga F. disconnect – 20Pce
  • 16-14ga Spade 2-5 – 20Pce
  • 16-14ga M. disconnect – 15Pce
  • 16-14ga Ring 2-4L – 15Pce
  • 16-14ga Butt connector – 10Pce
  • 22-18ga Butt connector – 15Pce
  • 22-18ga Bullet m. – 15Pce
  • 22-18ga Bullet f. – 15Pce
  • 22-18ga F. disconnect – 20Pce
  • 22-18ga F. disconnect – 10Pce
  • 22-18ga M. disconnect – 10Pce

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