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Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated Toilet Fluid 750ml

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Availability: 7 in stock

Thetford Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated Toilet Fluid 750ml


Concentrated toilet fluid for the waste holding tank.
A powerful highly effective 2 ½ times concentrate for use in the cassette or portable toilet.

•0.78L bottles which are packed 12 per outer
•Blue in colour with a pine fragrance
•Smaller bottles – bigger impact
•Improved waste liquefaction for easier tank emptying
•Improved reduction of gas build-up
•Equal outstanding odour control
•Equal fragrance
•Equal number of dosages
•Less weight
•Easy to handle bottle

Dosage for waste holding tank up to 20L –
>30°C 70ml plus 2-3Ltr of water
Standard dose 60ml plus 2-3Ltr of water
<15°C 50ml plus 2-3Ltr of water
1 dosage lasts up to 5 days



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