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Caravan/Motorhome Emergency Bulb & Fuse Kit

Availability: 6 in stock

£ 4.99

Availability: 6 in stock

Caravan/Motorhome Emergency Bulb & Fuse Kit

This E Marked car bulb replacement kit is handy to have for roadside emergencies. The kit comes supplied in a compactly designed box that can be stored in either the vehicle’s glove box or the boot.

If travelling across mainland Europe, this kit is compulsory to take with you.

This kit includes:

  • H1 x 1pc 12v 55w headlight bulb
  • H4 x 1px 12v 60/55w headlight bulb
  • H7 x 1pc 55w headlight bulb
  • S25 x 1pc 12v 21w stop/ flasher
  • S25 x 1pc 12v 21w ( amber)
  • G18 x 1pc 12v 5w (side and tail)
  • T10 x 1pc 12v 5w (side and tai)
  • Fuses x1 10A x1 20A x1 30A
  • Case Dimensions: H 11cm x W 9cm x D 5.3cm


Availability Now available in-store at
Kustom Sport Limited Unit 6 Middlewoods Way Barnsley S71 3HR

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