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Electronic Safety Water Drain Valve 12V John Guest Fittings

Availability: 4 in stock

£ 115.00

Availability: 4 in stock

Electronic Safety Water Drain Valve 12V John Guest Fittings


The electronic safety water drain valve is an excellent replacement for the Truma safety water drain valve. This offers the user to remotely drain there heating water system without the need to located the drain valve which can be hidden or difficult to reach. With a simple swap from the Truma drain valve the only other item required would be a 12v supply which can be taken from anything.

The remote control consists of 2 buttons, one button will open the valve and one will shut the valve.

The device offers 2 safety features in its self, once initial power in applied to the device then this will automatically shut the valve to stop you filling up your water and it being drained straight back out, the device also offer manual use in case of any power failure.

There is no need to worry about voltage use as the device only uses 0.8 Amps when in use and then an excellent 0.02 Amp when in a standby state.

This device can be used for any type of drain down system, you can even hook it up to your fresh water tank or waste water tank, any thing that can be drained then you can use this device.

Quick connectors for easy install or maintenance, John Guest 12mm are included.


Key Features

  • 1 Fob Included
  • 12mm John Guest Push Fit Connectors
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Manual Override
  • Auto shut when powered on 12v Power


Extra Info

  • Direct Replacement of the Truma Safety Drain Valve
  • Low Current Draw 0.8A
  • Resting at 0.02A
  • Extra Fobs Available at £15

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