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Fenwicks Overwintering Solution – 1 Litre

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Availability: 12 in stock

Protects Caravans over Winter Storage

Fenwicks Overwintering fluid is formulated to protect caravans and motorhomes during winter storage. Its unique formula protects against algae, mould, fungus, airborne pollutants, acid rain and bird lime, to keep your caravan or your motorhome throughout winter storage.

Easy to Apply

Fenwick’s Overwintering is easily applied using a spray once the unit has been cleaned with a good quality caravan cleaner or motorhome cleaner – such as Fenwicks Superior Caravan Cleaner or Fenwicks Motorhome Cleaner.

Efficient and Long-Lasting

1 litre provides 50 square metres of coverage. The Overwintering layer can be left on all through the winter; it will not crack in frosty conditions, wash off with rain or snow, or melt in warm sunshine, but it is easily removed during normal cleaning when bringing your caravan or motorhome out of storage in the springtime.

How to use Fenwicks Overwintering Solution

Step 1: Clean unit with either Fenwicks Caravan or Motorhome Cleaner and allow to dry.
Step 2: Mix 1 part Fenwicks Overwintering to 4 parts water. (Usually half a litre of Fenwicks Overwintering with 2 litres of water will cover most units.)
Step 3: For best results apply using a garden spray or a sponge or a brush.Cover all surfaces evenly from the bottom up, and leave to dry. It will take 3 to 4 hours to dry properly.
Step 4: To remove Fenwicks Overwintering use a 1 to 10 solution of Fenwicks Caravan Cleaner or Fenwicks Motorhome Cleaner.

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