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Kojack Single Axle (KJ4000S)

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£ 94.95

Availability: 2 in stock

Does your caravan have a jacking point? kojack is the answer.

Custom designed brackets allow you to easily and effortlessly jack & level your caravan without the need for drilling your caravan chassis; which can void your warranty. Kojack fits 99% of caravans.

“Wherever you park your caravan you can always have the perfect pitch.

Designed in the Purple Line’s UK innovation centre the 3-Tier hydraulic bottle jack, connects into the dedicated safe anchor points, which are attached to your chassis. The brackets bolt in to pre-existing holes that are standard on most AL-KO & BPW chassis.

Kojack has full TUV CE accreditation and a safe working load (SWL) of 2000kg.

The kojack set includes a 3-tier hydraulic bottle jack, 2 x chassis brackets with integral spirit levels and all necessary fittings an fixings.

For more information watch our videos

Kojack Hydraulic caravan jack & levelling system…. Quick wheel changes and the perfect pitch.

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