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Lewis-Plast 92 Piece First Aid Kit – Travel, Car, Home, Camping

Availability: 6 in stock

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Availability: 6 in stock

Lewis-Plast 92 Piece First Aid Kit – Travel, Car, Home, Camping


  • First aid kit – Containing 92 pieces of safety essentials and accessories.
  • Multiple use – Can be used for travel, camping, workplace, holidays & sport events.
  • Compact size – Can be stored away in car, caravan, home, kitchen & suitcase.
  • Lewis Plast – Leading distributor of medical equipment and first aid supplies.


With this fully comprehensive First Aid Kit containing 92 items, you will be prepared to treat an array of accident scenarios. The durable, compact kit can be kept in a range of convenient storage locations. Multiple storage compartments allow you to pack the contents for easy-access to essential items in an emergency.

Content Features

Lewis-plast washproof waterproof plasters adhesive dressings

Fabric Plasters Reliance Medical

Lewis-plast low adherent dressing pad

Sterile adhesive dressing

Washproof Plasters

Flexible PU plastic film is used to ensure a super-thin, flexible, washproof plaster. The membrane is moisture vapour permeable, allowing the skin to breathe, without the need for physical perforations, keeping the adhesive securely in place, whilst acting as a complete barrier to water, virus, bacteria and fungi. High-tech acrylic adhesive provides a really secure fixing, but is skin friendly and low allergy.

Fabric Plasters

Modern hi-tech thinner extra flexible fabrics that are more comfortable, conformable, and easy to wear.

The elastic fabric stretches in all directions, ideal for covering joints and skin folds with ease and comfort. The fabric is coated with a hydrophilic polymer making it water repellent and washproof.

The new super-sticky zinc oxide adhesive ensures that Dependaplast Fabric Plasters remain firmly in place while the adhesive comes cleanly away when removed, avoiding unsightly plaster marks being left on the skin.

Dressing Pad

Sterile, low adherent dressing pads, designed to be applied to a wound from either side, thus preventing incorrect application. The dressing is low adherent with high absorbency, effectively drawing exudate away from the wound. For use on abrasions, lacerations and moderately exuding wounds. Soft, comfortable and conformable. Secure with tape or a conforming bandage.

Adhesive Dressing

Sterile, low allergy adhesive dressing, with highly absorbent central pad which has Relipad low-adherence technology. Flexible, breathable stretch fabric that conforms to the body, easy to remove, but remains securely in place once applied. Individually wrapped. Suitable for weeping or surgical wounds, cuts and lacerations.

Lewis-plast wound cleansing wipe sterile reliwipe

Reliswab Absorbent cotton gauze swabs

Reliance Medical Reliform Conforming Bandage

Reliance Medical rebreath mouth to mouth shield with valve resuscitation

Cleansing Wipe

Individually wrapped alcohol-free disposable wipes. Impregnated with simple, safe, sterile salt water (NaCl 0.9%). Safe and easy to use, our wipes are made from a soft fabric material rather than crepe or paper, making them much gentler on the skin.

Gauze Swabs

100% Cotton gauze swabs. BP. The gauze pad cushions and protects a wound, preventing dryness from developing prematurely. Do not place the gauze pads directly onto a wound as they may stick. However, they do allow blood and fluids to pass through and be absorbed. Reliswab can also be used to clean areas around the wound site.

Conforming Bandage

Primarily designed for securing dressings, the Reliform bandage conforms easily to body angles and is readily secured with either a safety pin or tape.

Resuscitation Shield

A transparent plastic film containing a one-way valve allows expired air ventilation for a safer and more effective method of resuscitation. The film acts as a barrier to help prevent infection during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

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