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Milenco Aero 4 Mirror Twin Pack

Availability: 2 in stock

£ 59.95

Availability: 2 in stock

For over 20 years Milenco towing mirrors have led the market, out performing all others in comparative product tests. The first Milenco Aero towing mirror was totally new for 2007. Every year since the mirror has been updated and improved to keep this product at the head of the market and able to fit all cars, including the very latest.

This is the best-selling towing mirror in the world.

Aero 4 Mirrors are available in the following options:

Single Flat Product Code: 1588

Single Standard Product Code: 1595

Twin-pack Flat in carry-case Product Code: 1601

Twin-pack Standard in carry-case Product Code: 2899

Spare parts for our Mirrors are available to be purchased separately.

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