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1 Litre 40 Shot Exterior Multi Purpose Caravan Clear – Cleans Black Streaks

Availability: 6 in stock

£ 9.99

Availability: 6 in stock

A Concentrated Multi Purpose Cleaner that is designed to gently but effectively cut through dirt and traffic film to allow for an easy clean.

Great for removing those stubborn common caravan stains such as black streaks, winter algae and general dirt build up.

– Removes dirt, black streaks, winter algae
– 25ml dose per 10L water
– Anti-static agent repels dirt, streak-free and easily next time cleaning
– Added Carnauba Wax
– Built-in water softener, effective in hard water areas
– Biodegradable, pH neutral, safe on all bodywork
– Can be used neat for stubborn stains

1L Dispensing Bottle


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