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MGI Milenco Wedge Level Set XL

Availability: 6 in stock

£ 25.50

Availability: 6 in stock

MGI Milenco Wedge Level Set XL


A Conventional Wedge shaped Level with 50% Base and 50% Top Surface area.

Complete with 1 x Level & 1 x Chock

MGI Milenco Wedge Level XL with Chock

Product Code: 6620

Our MGI Milenco Levels are high quality products. Lightweight strong construction, high grip non slip surface.

High grip leading edge, so no need to use gripper plates.

Extra wide chock comes with side handle to reduce risk of hand trap.

Approximate Dimensions : 15cm High x 21.5cm Width x 66cm Length

Weight: 2.1kg per level

Capacity 1000kg per wheel = 4000kg Motorhome or 2000kg Caravan

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